2017 October Group of the Month: Loving Activism

Roe v. Wade will be overturned in our lifetime, and when that happens our college campuses need to be prepared to help pregnant and parenting students. A fantastic example of what this would look like is at Central College, in Pella, Iowa.

Located in a city with cultural roots to the extremely pro-abortion Netherlands, it is a beautiful surprise to find such a deep-seeded culture of life flourishing within their community. Central College, a private college loosely affiliated with the Reformed Church of America, has a strong sense of tradition and community. When administration wanted to refer students to Planned Parenthood for health services, our students kindly reminded the college of their Christian roots. Noelle, their President, and Grace, their Pregnant on Campus Director, put together a training and resource binder for all Resident Advisors, and held a special meeting to train RAs on how to work with pregnant and parenting students.

In addition to this fantastic, loving activism, the group hosted the Stop the Violence Tour, having over 60 conversations with students, and received 15 new members in their group within just four hours. They have spent countless hours in trainings, either Plan Your Year, 5 Pillar Trainings, Equal Rights Institute Apologetics Trainings, or attending the Des Moines Leadership Workshop, and will soon be heading to Washington D.C. for the March for Life and the SFLA National Conference.

Central College Students for Life is a fantastic example of what it means to love both mother and child, ensuring resources are present for before, during, and after birth. They aren’t afraid to go onto campus and have the difficult conversations, dealing with controversy for the sake of justice. They are the #ProLifeGen.

Students for Life supports pregnant and parenting students on campus every day through our Pregnant on Campus Initiative. If you would like to learn more, please contact Beth Rahal at brahal@studentsforlife.org