Appalachian Region Update: Kentucky and Tennessee Pro-Life Groups Competition!

Brenna Lewis, Appalachian Regional Coordinator

October in the pro-life movement is known as Respect Life Month, and this year, high schools in the Appalachian Region decided to dedicate their efforts to supporting local mothers in need. Holding diaper drives and fundraisers for surrounding pregnancy resource centers is plenty reward in and of itself, but we decided to make a competition out of it for added fun. All high schools in Kentucky and Tennessee were challenged to collect as many parenting resources as they could throughout the month of October. Now that it’s come to a close, we are excited to announce our big winner (and the runner-up!).

Congratulations to St. Benedict at Auburndale High School in Cordova, Tennessee for collecting 306 baby items last month and taking first place in our contest! St. Benedict facilitated their diaper drive by using a “Giving Tree” with tags noting the items most needed by local pregnancy centers. Students took these tags and returned with the necessary items, including everything from shampoo and pacifiers to diapers and clothing. All of the materials collected will be distributed between two local Memphis pregnancy centers. For their victory, SBA will receive a $50 gift card and ten Students for Life of America t-shirts!

Memphis definitely put on their supportive services hats this semester, as our runner-up school is also located in Memphis, Tennessee. Congratulations to our second place winner: St. Agnes Academy! The Stars for Life held a monetary fundraiser instead of a traditional diaper drive, which is helpful all the same to pregnancy centers. They raised $130.25 for local mothers in need. For their hard work, St. Agnes will receive a $25 gift card and ten Students for Life of America drawstring bags!

Thank you to all the groups who participated in such a worthy cause. Being pro-life is a many-faceted thing, and a big part of living our beliefs is supporting parents who find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies. A lack of resources or funds should never be the reason that drives a mother to the abortion facility. We never know whose life may be changed by a simple package of diapers and a warm word of encouragement. My high school groups truly showed what it means to be pro-life.