December Event-in-a-Box: Give the gift of LOVE

When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she is faced with many negative opinions and discouraging words. She might be considering abortion because she feels this is the only option to be successful, finish school, or have the future she envisioned for herself before she became pregnant. But this child is a gift, not a crisis.

We want to remind these families that life is a gift, and they are going to receive the greatest gift of all- a child. We want these mommies to see past the uncertainty, the fear, the confusion and experience strength and the joy of raising a child.

Give the gift of LOVE this month. For the month of December, we are partnering with Embrace Grace, Inc. to give the gift of love to mommies-to-be that are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Please take the time to write an encouraging letter to a mommy-to-be. You will find a template in the box titled “Dear Brave Girl” that will be used to write a letter. That is exactly what we want her to understand- that we stand beside her and praise her bravery and courage amid fear.

What is in the box:

  • Template- “Dear Brave Girl,”
  • Pregnant on Campus Material (good for table event)
  • Embrace Grace Brochure and information
  • An envelope with a business reply sticker is in your EIB place all letters to mothers in this, seal it well, and put it in the mail to the Embrace Grace HQ’s
  • Embrace Grace’s Group Leaders- use this to connect with one of their leaders in your region to see how you and your groups can partner up, especially over the holiday season.
    • EG- is Embrace Grace for expectant mommies
    • EL- is Embrace Life for mom’s that have already given birth

How to use the box:

  • We have provided you with the template. You will need to make copies of the template for your group or tabling event.
  • If you are doing this in one of your group meetings, have each person write an encouraging letter to a mommy-to-be.
  • If you are doing a table event- encourage people to come write a letter to a mommy. This is a great way to introduce people to your group and RECRUIT!

Please use stickers, cut outs, markers, etc. to make the letters stand out and bring a much-needed smile to the faces of these women.

*Please review all letters before you send them. Remember these are going to expectant mommies that need encouragement and heartfelt words.