Reversing an Abortion, Saving a Life

By: SFLA’s Student Spokesperson Autumn Lindsey

A few weeks ago, my local pregnancy resource center hosted a fundraiser banquet in the community. They asked me to come and speak for a few minutes about the progress the Pro-Life Generation has made this year. The keynote speaker for the event was a young woman, named Rebekah Buell. I didn’t recognize her, and I had

never heard her story but by the end of the night, I was stunned over her message. She was seventeen when she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy crisis. Her family was angry with her. They were appalled and embarrassed. Despite the lack of support, she chose life. Her decision to keep her baby didn’t keep her from going to school. She went on and studied at a California university, with a promising future.

At the time, she was in an abusive relationship, and after she gained the courage to leave, she found out she was again pregnant. She was terrified of losing her family’s support and ability to go to college, so she searched on her phone for the closest abortion facility.

She visited a Planned Parenthood at eight weeks pregnant and decided to get a medication-abortion. She said that when she was sitting in the chair with the abortion doctors holding a cup in front of her she started to doubt her decision. The doctor asked if she was sure she wanted the abortion, but all she could get out was a nod. The doctor told her that she needed a “yes” or a “no” before she could give her the pill. Rebekah looked up at the doctor with tears in her eyes and said “yes.”

Before leaving the abortion facility, she said, “They handed me a brown paper bag, like one you pack your child’s lunch in, and sent me on my way.”

When she got to her car she lost it. She started crying because of the guilt and sadness she felt. She opened the bag and saw the second abortion pill, birth control, and some information cards. She instantly Googled to find out if there was a way to undo the abortion she had just had, to save her baby.

She found out that if you are able to get progesterone back into your body, the baby can survive. She called her doctor who said there wasn’t anything they could do for her. Then she called a pregnancy resource center who said there was a doctor a few hours down the road who could help her. She drove down to meet him and he told her that if she got injections of progesterone, it may save the pregnancy. She went through with it, and fought every day to save her baby. She carried him to full term and delivered the sweet boy nine months later.

Rebekah now speaks all over the country, works at the Community Outreach Coordinator for her local pregnancy resource center, and brings awareness to the abortion reversal pill, which has now saved nearly 300 children.

At the end of her speech, Rebekah had the child who was sitting next to her at the table come up on stage. The little boy, Zach, was the child she almost aborted. Rebekah’s testimony was not only unbelievable, but one everyone should hear. Seeing that little boy, standing there in his cute little sweater vest and bowtie, was powerful. When she was done talking you could hear a pin drop. It was the most powerful pro-life testimony I have ever heard.

The reason her story is so important is because most people don’t know that an abortion can be reversed. When that banquet ended the message that was at the forefront of everyone’s minds was that an abortion can be stopped after that first pill is taken, if you have right information and resources. So share this blog post to bring awareness to the reversal pill.

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