#SockIt2PP Rally Recap

By David Cordaro, SFLA’s Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator

Having recently participated in two #SockIt2PP Truck Tour allies, it is clear to see that Americans don’t support Planned Parenthood.

As the Regional Coordinator in Illinois and Iowa, the first rally I attended was outside of the Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL, the third largest abortion facility in the country. The city of Aurora did not want abortionists to move into their vibrant community, so Planned Parenthood knew they had to keep this on the hush. Planned Parenthood set-up numerous phantom, for-profit companies that slowly purchased the land where the mega-facility now sits. They told Aurora city council that they would be a basic health center, and none of their practices would be considered controversial. Soon after the building was completed, the signs went up and multiple video cameras were installed, and the abortion facility opened shortly after.

While the facility doesn’t sit within Cook County, many women travel to this center from Chicago and Cook County. From the latest CDC reporting in 2015, there were over 22,000 abortions in Cook County alone. Fast forward a few days later when I traveled to Saint Louis for the #SockIt2PP rally outside of the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood, the only abortion facility in the state of Missouri, it was reported that fewer than 5,000 abortions were performed in the state in 2015.

22,000 or 5,000, abortion hurts and betrays women, and we don’t need to look any further than the Saint Louis Planned Parenthood. 67 women have been sent to the hospital via ambulance from that facility in a span of a few short years. 67 women, all having complications from their surgical abortion procedure, being rushed into the emergency room to receive real healthcare to counteract what the abortionist had done to her. Any other medical facility in the United States that had 67 individuals rushed to an emergency room due to complications of a “safe and legal” procedure would be shut down, or at least questioned, but because Planned Parenthood has an extremely large lobby arm and millions of our tax dollars, they can afford to slide this under the table to pad their pockets.

Women are hurting, and preborn babies are dying. We can no longer be silent when it comes to the atrocity of abortion, and I am so thankful that Students for Life of America has been proudly taking a truck filled with over 328,000 baby socks across the country, and making a rally cry that we must Defund Planned Parenthood, and do it now.