Sockit2PP Tour Baby Save: “We’re Gonna Raise the Kid”

Bethany Janzen, SFLA’s Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator

It was a sunny Colorado day. After speaking at the Denver #Sockit2PP Rally outside of the Aurora, Colorado Planned Parenthood – which won an award for increasing abortion visits in 2013 – I jumped in the Sockit2PP truck for the next leg of its journey to Phoenix, AZ.

It was the late afternoon when we pulled into a gas station in southern Colorado. A car pulled up next to us and began filling up. As I got back in the truck, a guy named Dillion asked if he could sign the bright pink and blue mobile billboard. While he was signing it, he asked what the it was about. I explained to him that Planned Parenthood did 328,000 abortions last year and that we’re calling for their defunding.

Then Dillion told me that his girlfriend is six weeks pregnant and wants an abortion. Dillion was distraught. He wanted his baby, but felt like there was nothing he could do. He was ready and eager to raise his child, but was afraid his girlfriend wouldn’t listen.

I calmly listened and asked questions to find out the whole story. Why does she want the abortion? Has she scheduled it yet? Does she know that you want the child?

Then I looked a up a pregnancy resource center near where his girlfriend was moving to. Our driver and I encouraged Dillion to write a letter to his girlfriend reassuring her that he is there to support her, whether that means choosing to parent or placing the baby for adoption. We also prayed with Dillion and gave him our contact info so that we could stay in touch.

That night, I asked our team and my Facebook friends to pray.

And I waited.

I doubted that I’d ever hear back from Dillion.

But on Sunday night, I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize. A moment later I realized that it was Dillion! His text read:

“We’re gonna raise the kid.”

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